How to Choose an Antique Gift!

Most of us have heard that antiques are precious, antiques are valuable, or antiques have historical significance. The fact of the matter is, however, you may not be sure the recipient of your gift would want an antique! So if YOU are an antique enthusiast and would like to give antiques as gifts for your otherwise ‘not so inclined’ family or friends, allow me to offer some suggestions.
Nearly everyone will have some appreciation for a vintage or antique piece if the giver has put a little thought into their selection.
My first suggestion is: Evaluate the recipient of this gift.
Ask yourself some questions…such as….do they like jewelry? Do they like pottery? Do they like books? Do they like linens, textiles, quilts or such? You get the picture….once you have evaluated the person based upon their likes and interests….you can proceed.
Thinking of my family members: I have a movie lover. Well I could easily select an old movie poster (framed) for their office ….try to select a movie they would like. There is also a quilt lover… about an antique quilt, or an old pillow or something made from an antique quilt? If you have a cook in the family, you could present them with some early bowls for display or a wonderful old platter for serving. The jewelry lover is obvious….so much vintage jewelry to choose from and the sports enthusiast would probably love an antique football, signed baseball, old sports equipment for display etc. Even if you are shopping for children, it’s ok to encourage them in the love of old historical pieces. You might give them the gift of an old toy and explain what interested children 100 years ago and how they amused themselves on much simpler toys. They may have an opportunity to use it for ‘show & tell’ one day. If nothing else, an old picture frame with a black and white photo (old or new) will probably be received with a thankful heart.

I think you are getting the idea…..and by stimulating interest in antiques we are also encouraging others to appreciate the past and have a desire to preserve it for future generations. Here’s an idea for you….if you are a student and you hate history…..take an antique that relates to your studies and give it to your teacher…..the teacher might realize how exciting history can be with a few visual aids.
Probably the next thing is, where do you find it? It’s true, shopping for antiques is a little different than pulling up at the mall and going from store to store where you pretty much find similar merchandise. Shopping for an antique, will take a little more creative searching….however, that search has become much much easier now with the help of the internet. So let me suggest that you use the internet search engines to see what is out there. There are not only online auctions, but online stores and people advertising their antiques for sale from social networks. You might be able to narrow down a search for something unique pretty quickly with these aids. The brick and mortar antique shops are also still out there and if you enjoy the step back in time as you look through all the antiques being offered for sale, you may discover that the adventure was just as thrilling as the piece that you found.
Finally many people think that antiques are just too pricey to even darken the door of the shop and look. This really is not true. As an antique dealer, I can tell you that there is always some overpriced merchandise, but not all merchandise is overpriced. You may find that the quality of an antique piece is so superior to today’s modern construction of things, that the antique is a better value (without even considering it’s antique worth). The other thing to remember when buying an antique is: you are generally buying something that will retain its value or possibly increase in value whereas buying from the mall is a sure 75% loss once it’s out the door.
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